Fintech and Blockchain in Montauk—a Countdown: The Ledger

This is not legal advice. Even if you’ve already read the SEC’s complaint against Kik, as well as the many think pieces analyzing the situation (including several published by Fortune), it’s still worth taking a look at Katherine Wu‘s colorful “annotated guide” to the 49-page document. Wu, who formerly oversaw business development for crypto research firm Messari, has highlighted and marked up the SEC document with a rainbow of colors and emojis, and served up insights such as, “Breaking news: Tokens are not the way to monetize a previously shitty business model.”

Let’s hope we’ll see more colorfully annotated versions of the many SEC documents that are surely to follow this precedent-setting case—because anger, cold sweat, and nauseated emojis get the message across better than legalese ever could.

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