Investors Are STILL SELLING Stocks! Meanwhile Stock Market Near All Time Record Highs!








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20 thoughts on “Investors Are STILL SELLING Stocks! Meanwhile Stock Market Near All Time Record Highs!”

  1. The trend continues. Some individuals are seeing this as bullish for equities because these investors haven't put any new money into it for months. But as long as the fear is still there, they're not going to rush back in. If risk is off the table, then absolutely things can change. All we need is Janet and the boys to shake it up.

  2. Boeing and lyft are perfect examples. Two good companies that are not following the bull trend because they can't buy back

  3. The stock market looks good; certain elections are done Its a good time to make war with Iran. Pity about the financial meltdown that is predicted in prophecy. Psalms 46: 4-6 Isaiah 2: 18-20. As with Iraq also with Iran. Christ Jesus is due to arrive 'like a thief in the night'. Revelation 16: 15.

  4. The economy is great. So people actually have money to put in their 401ks or other retirement accounts for once. Stock market is a long term game. There is also the short term game for day traders. So combined the 2 and you see people are excited about the economy. This channel sucks.

  5. This market is in a controlled demolition mode, so the big whales can get out.
    Kind of reminds me of the TITANIC where the rich and connected get into lifeboats
    and the rest of US go down with the SHIP!!!

  6. The stock has not had a serious "correction" since 2008.  That alone should send a serious message to stay out of the market.  Two? Donald Trump has caused "serious" damage to the World Markets, including America, with his tariffs. Example, putting tariffs on China caused China to retaliate causing US business to suffer.  China cancelled their soybean contracts with the US, and are now buying soybeans from Russia.  Non-GMO, I might add.  Do you think China will change back to the US?  Russia has also become a major "exporter" of wheat, and other agricultural products.  The US has been losing their competitive edge for years.  The new "Silk Road" will open business to Eastern and Western Europe.  Look what the EU and US tariffs (2014) against Russia did!  Russia invested money to make the products they previously bought from the EU and US.  And Russia is a now an exporter of things like wheat and dairy products.  Also not, Russia does not do "deficit spending".  This next "down-turn" in World economies will hurt America dearly.  Other countries are already working to overcome Donald Trump's tariffs.  Only a fool or someone with "inside information" would invest in the US stock market, until after the coming correction.

  7. Dot com and housing bubbles along with easy to get internet accounts, has created a new investor. We can trade much easier then in the old days of putting money in to a company 401k account that was at the mercy of some large institution. They could get us stuck with ease while shorting us the whole time.
    Now we can trade in and out of them with ease. It is much harder for them to get and keep us trapped. A stock falls drastically when the majority of common holders are in at a high price and the institutions can get money by making working folks sell at a lower price.
    In today's market big institutions would be the losers in a recession. And big institutions will not have that. They must keep the markets moving higher until they are in full control of the new style of investor. IMO

  8. I listen to Baltimore radio and from what I hear there is crime, high taxes and a bunch of morons running the place. Bunch of Dems running things.

  9. People are selling because they are scared of a potential crash, its a good time to get out and go into gold or crypto etfs or the us dollar and stay liquid if you want to play it really safe.

  10. Title of your next video should be "I'm still spreading economic fears folks! Meanwhile the stock market near all time record highs!

  11. Curious, it's possible that a recession may be upon us soon. What types of investments are best to be in during those times?

  12. If a company did a 100% buy back on shares could it not at least then take itself off the stockmarket as a PLC? Or are they taking out loans to do so in which case if they default the company goes to someone else? So…. the next recession might have banks taking ownership of many companies?

  13. Sitting in my lazy boy chair and watching the show. Never mind the recession by mainstream media keeps telling you. This is what iam watching is the biggest transfer of wealth in human history unfolding. Unfortunately many of you believe this is a recession things are fine nothing to see here behind the curtains . For me I tried to warn you this is without a doubt the Collapse

  14. MY mom reads me weird stuff at night before I pretend to go to sleep.
    A penny for a ball of thread
    Another for a needle,
    That’s the way the money goes,
    pop goes the weasel.
    I start squirming and tell her to sell my over-indebted equity holdings just before I doze off.
    Sweet dreams.

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