Jacob Rees-Mogg has MPs in stitches at his first House business questions

BORIS Johnson last night rewarded Jacob Rees-Mogg with his first Cabinet role as Leader of the House of Commons.

The arch-Brexiteer was handed the major promotion and crucial part in the new Prime Minister’s Cabinet following his huge shake up last night.

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Boris Johnson’s new team sit down for first meeting with 98 days to deliver Brexit ‘no ifs, no buts’:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson to assemble Cabinet team to deliver Brexit with record number of minority ministers – who will make the cut?

David Lidington and Philip Hammond lead flood of Remainer ministers QUITTING and refusing to serve under Boris:

Carrie Symonds – why Boris Johnson’s lover Carries a lot of emotional baggage:

Kelly Brook claims she had to rescue new Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he dislocated his thumb in ‘thumb war’ at a party:

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1. Minimum Import Price of Cashew kernel enhanced to Rs. 680/kg & Rs. 720/kg for broken and whole – http://bit.ly/2RvFac1

2. Textile body seeks Ministry’s support to tackle readymade imports, help local industry – http://bit.ly/2N4HXL3

3. India’s exports grew by 3.93% to billion in May on account of healthy growth in sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and engineering,and according to a commerce ministry data released Friday. Imports too rose by 4.31% to .35 billion, widening the trade deficit to .36 billion in May – http://bit.ly/2xf4eL3

4. Commerce & Industry Minister Piyush Goyal has reviewed India’s free trade agreements (FTAs) with partner countries such as Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and the 10-member ASEAN members to identify problem areas for the Indian industry and the opportunities they could offer what should negotiators look out for in future pacts – http://bit.ly/2X1Mvq3

5. India responds to US moves at last with tariff hike on 29 US high-value products agricultural and industrial imports by up to 50 per cent. This will take effect on 16th June – http://bit.ly/2Fq6vYu

6. 50% tariff on US motorcycles by India unacceptable, says US President – http://bit.ly/2Xr2ZaG

7. Mr G.V. Srinivas, Joint Secretary (LAC), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India today said the trade between India and the Latin (South) America [Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.] and the Caribbean (LAC) region has grown 20-fold in last two decades but still there is a lot of potential – http://bit.ly/2KwZc5q

8. Commerce Ministry plans to boost exports through e-commerce – http://bit.ly/2XnmssL

9. Centre removes export incentives for onion – http://bit.ly/2L7z40n

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40 thoughts on “Jacob Rees-Mogg has MPs in stitches at his first House business questions”

  1. Hope everyone cool with a no deal keep the same energy if they and family suffer when it happens. Keep same energy and don't cry for help

  2. listening to some of the MP's trying to put one over on JRM reminds me of bringing a knife to a gunfight, more like a peashooter against a tank.

  3. Hello everyone!

    I am calling to the commenters on this thread
    I need some information in regards to our leaving the EU and brexit as it stand today..

    So I think the pounds value will drop drastically
    After brexit happens

    And I am or was or still am
    (I haven’t got a clue what to believe)
    A brexiteer

    I do want England out of the EU
    I do want England to control itself
    Regulate itself
    Manage itself

    But i generally think we are damning ourselves by doing so

    in terms of cost of goods and services
    But most of all the value of the pound

    If anyone is informed on this matter
    please can you enlighten me if I am misunderstanding or misguided.

    Thank you

  4. I'm American so I don't know why I'm watching this – but it's so much more interesting than our Congress. Rees-Mogg has more wit than 10 Congresspeople. I like how the Speaker introduces people as though it were a professional wrestling match as well, heh. And it's great to see such a large number of issues raised – the American Congress could spend 10 hours debating whether the sky was blue or aquamarine.
    Our system in America is probably better – at least in theory – but British politics are much more interesting. (The House of Lords seems as though it's a bit of a vestige of bygone times, and the notion of hereditary position is disgusting to American sensibilities – but it's probably preferable to corporate lobbying in the US, I guess.)

  5. Song for Mogg
    in this life
    One thing counts
    In the bank
    Large amounts
    I'm afraid these don't grow on trees
    You've got to pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    Large amounts don't grow on trees
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

    Why should we break our backs?
    Paying tax
    Better get some untaxed income
    Better pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two
    You've got to pick a pocket or two

  6. This clown is selling you all down the river while he cash in is daddies book of disaster capitalism…

  7. Houses of parliament puts its citizens last, this has been proven for the last 3 years and is still ongoing under Boris Johnson as he try's to resurrect Theresa Mays deal in another form.

  8. The right honourable member for the 18th Century. A true Brexiteer (with his investment fund based in Dublin!) The ordinary British people are being screwed . .

  9. This wasnt funny. Its like watching a rich dude at the party try make a joke about how normal folk live. Tragic.

  10. Sir under MEP(Minimum Export Price) exporter is not allowed to export below the MEP fixed by govt, does it mean that the exporter can export the commodity above MEP or export of that particular commodity should be done only at the price fixed by the government.

  11. Sir please explain antidumping duty on A4 paper . Most of people saying difference value ( purchase value – fixed value by custom) must be pay in antidumping duty is it true.

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