John Bolton talks new sanctions on Iran's foreign minister

National security adviser John Bolton on Iran, North Korea, efforts to improve election security and what President Trump considers to be the biggest foreign threats to America.

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20 thoughts on “John Bolton talks new sanctions on Iran's foreign minister”

  1. The US slaughtered 90% of the indigenous population and built their economy off of slave labour, supported every thug dictator that was willing take orders from the usa like Ceausescu and Saddam Hussein. The US supports terrorism provided it is consistent with US objectives.

  2. War criminal John Bolton is personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children.
    He makes Epstein look like an angel.
    So why are Fox News hosting this d$%^head like some sort of respectable authority ?

  3. Put a 100% embargo on them. They Demand suicide by Americans I say Blast The Republican Guard into a Bloodstain in the Dirt like ISIS.

  4. Bolton has openly and repeatedly supported and advertised for a marxist-islamist terrorist group called POMI aka MEK, and he wants the same gorup who has killed americans – committed war crimes in Iraq-iran war with order of Saddam Husein – committed genocide to kurds of iraq – and did lots of assasinations and bombings to take over iran!

  5. Someday Bolton will have his picture and artifacts hanging in the Smithsonian, hailing him as one of the most important warmongers of this century. Right behind him will be Obama, the butcher of Libya and GW "let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracies" Bush.

  6. It's none of the United States business how Iran rules it's country. It's not our place to impose sanctions on anyone. If they attack us then it's our business. Iraq was attacked for nothing that was our business, Libya was attacked for no real reason, Syria was not our call. We are not the world police.

  7. A prick like John Bolton who sat down with terrorist Rajavi Cult has NO say about this matter, John Bolton is single handedly responsible for unnecessary Iraq invasion which resulted in massacre and starvation of innocent kids and women in Iraq , He lied about the existence of WMD in Iraq and now he does the same with Iran. SHAME ON YOU JOHN BOLTON how can you sleep at night, don't you have any conscience left in your body?

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