My Entire Stock Market Portfolio REVEALED! – (2019)

Welcome to my world of stocks!!!
My name is Ale, and today, we are talking about my entire stock market portfolio in 2019! These are the stocks I own and the stocks I’ve been buying. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to check out my free education playlist in the link below! 🙂

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***Please be advised that I am not giving any financial or investing advice. I am not telling anyone how to spend or invest their money. Take all of my videos as my own opinion, as entertainment, and at your own risk.***
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20 thoughts on “My Entire Stock Market Portfolio REVEALED! – (2019)”

  1. Anyone invested in any of my stocks too? Just curious :p
    Have a great rest of your weekend everyone! Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Ale is the man – thanks for sharing your knowledge! He's inspired me to start my investing channel, and I'd really appreciate your support by subscribing and helping me get it off the ground!

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  4. Great video Ale I really enjoyed it. Idk what it is I just like when people show their portfolios. Good idea with just showing the percentages btw – it's a nice compromise

  5. Hey Ale, great video on your stock portfolio. Keep up the awesome work and looking forward to watching how your portfolio does over the next few months and years to come! 👍

  6. Hey Ale, great video on your stock portfolio. Keep up the awesome work and looking forward to watching how your portfolio does over the next few months and years to come! 👍

  7. Wise not to give out the dollar amount. Never do that, no matter how much people ask. It only makes things worse because people will look at that instead of what they really should look at when determining their own investments.

  8. You’re channel is blowing up. I think portfolio videos are great content. You should tell us the average cost but not how much money you have

  9. I didn’t request to see it but thanks for meeting everyone halfway. I see the crypto’s ran up unexpectedly so fast you probably didn’t get a reasonable buy in spot for ripple. Baidu May be a possible on China autonomy even though they don’t have any fleets deployed as of now. The lower it goes I’m looking more into it

  10. Interesting portfolio Ale. I used to have some of them which included MSFT, Amazon, Disney and JPM. Other stocks like Nvidia, AMD, BABA, I use them for options trading.

  11. 5:25… "First company to past 2 trillion"

    Do ya realize that, with inflation, the was a company that was worth 7.9 trillion

  12. So why aren’t you trimming/rebalancing Microsoft, for example, to meet your desired allocations?

  13. Ale I respect your portfolio allocation choices, however I think your are way overweighted in only one sector, tech/telecom! Don't you think?

  14. can you do a video on picking a dividend stock? Idea: Just pick a random stock that has a dividend and say okay, step 1. I go to this site and get the numbers on these 5 things. thing 1: okay, this is bad because…it needs to be more like this… okay thing 2: this is okay, but not great etc etc. then at the end, give it a rating, imo this stock scores 78/100, so its okay but not great, imo. you could make it a whole series for stock reviews. you have these 10 requirements, it scores a 2/5 in this, a 5/5 in that, etc etc

  15. Our portfolios look really similar, I don’t have any amazon though, and I am heavily invested in PG&E. I also have a spec position in BYND that is killing it

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