Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec’s Top 5 Business Tips For Entrepreneurs

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec shares his top five business tips. Learning how to move quickly is one of the most important things a business owner can do in order to cover as much ground as possible in an intensely competitive environment.

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Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec’s Top 5 Business Tips For Entrepreneurs
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Today I want to talk to you about the dumbest mistakes I made my first year as an entrepreneur.
As I was making a list of all of the dumb mistakes I made, I realized that this episode could have lasted six, seven, or even eight hours, but instead of covering all of them, I’ll just share the 12 dumbest mistakes I made my first year as an entrepreneur.

#1: I Almost Quit – 0:22

#2: Trying to Become CEO Too Early – 0:49

#3 Trying to Take Advice from Too Many People – 3:16

#4: Not Knowing How to Ask for Advice – 5:22

#5: Forcing Vs. Influencing – 7:08

#6: Living the Dream Too Early – 8:21

#7 Trying to Sell Too Many Products as an Entrepreneur – 9:54

#8 Thinking I Knew it All – 14:01

#9: Partying Too Hard – 16:07

#10: Acting Like a Boss Instead of an Employee – 18:49

#11: Not Having a Schedule – 20:16

#12: Not Knowing the Value of a Business Plan – 20:59

Those were the 12 dumbest mistakes I made — there were a lot more! Comment at the bottom to let me know the biggest mistakes you’ve made, and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe.

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40 thoughts on “Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec’s Top 5 Business Tips For Entrepreneurs”

  1. Hi,

    Really Good Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    Right now i'm looking at other good tip videos

    Look forward to your reply

    Have a great week

  2. 1. Look a problem, solve it
    2. Ask a customer
    3. Pay the rent
    4. Narrow your focus
    5. Move faster, learn to say no,

  3. Disliked because that clown mentioned nothing about embracing capitalism and understand the value of money which is gold and silver not paper money like federal reserve notes this country is screwed because the next crisis will be a currency crisis and americans will be a lot poorer than they are today

  4. Tip #6: understand the difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner – it’s not the same. #Heriot-Watt University Lecturer 🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Hello David,
    My name is Jatin, i am 21yrs old and i'm from India. Recently completed my graduation.
    I have started working in an face to face sales and marketing company(Ecstatic) which is small but a lot apportunities and growth. Its clients is icici bank.
    I have got a interview call from Byjus (learning app) which is big brand.
    But my inner instinct says Ecstatic is the best place to develop my strengths and grow and best place to start my career as an entrepreneur.
    What suggestion would you like to give me?

  6. Fourth dumbest thing I did was trusting my only aunt to give me and my sister our half of the inheritance from my grandmother that my dad had single handedly built, while taking care of her for almost 30yrs in Hawaii. Dad died, then granny died and the bitch took it all. Was to be split across four grandkids- well over a Million. Never, ever, ever trust family when it comes to money- never. *A.

  7. Third dumbest thing I did was dumping $45k into renovating a lease option on a house that I had no right to assign. Yep, lost it all. *A.

  8. Second dumbest thing (after getting married) I did was liquidating my Bitcoin to by my ex wife bullshit… No, I won't give numbers- too painful. *A.

  9. Dumbest thing I did was getting married. Smartest thing so far was divorcing her before I got saddled with her $250k in student loan debt. Debt free at 48, so my rise will be faster- and many of your points are already in place. Thanks, *A.

  10. I'm 22 years old young entrepreneur having a hotel in Africa called The Gambia my story is quite long i don't know how to contact you to share my thoughts

  11. No partners! I started a business when I was 25. I could have started at 19. Dropped out of uni at 17, waste of time and money.
    The thing which I did right was to learn my business well (computer timesharing, dead today) to know how to (help) disrupt it.
    Worst mistake was to have poor and incompatible business partners. Litigated one of them (thought he was some sort of world class pirate and thought he could play Mutiny on the Bounty. Go it alone if you can.
    Had a good 25 year run otherwise. Ready to do it again.

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