Steve Moore: Stock market overreacted to Trump’s tariff threat

Heritage Foundation economist Steve Moore says the stock market overreacted to President Trump’s threat to raise tariffs on Chinese goods.

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40 thoughts on “Steve Moore: Stock market overreacted to Trump’s tariff threat”

  1. The stock market overreacted to tariffs. The stock market overreacted to Trump's tax cuts. Extreme gains in the stock market should actually scare people because the bubble is going to burst. Fox News rallies for anything Trump. Most economists are predicting a crash.

  2. People complaining the worse are those people doing business in China, I don’t feel sorry for you, you got fat now it’s time to place America first.

  3. Bring on the tariffs, stop buying goods from China and Mexico its about time we stand tall and demand fair trade.

  4. These stocks are dropping. This better recover. These tariffs should of been in place years ago!!! Once deals are made things will get better.

    "In order to get to heaven, You must have strong faith while going through hell first!"

  5. China is laughing at the donald. His tarriffs amount to less than 1%. We need to stop buying from china starting with trump. Stop hiring forigners starting with trump. Pay your taxes starting with trump.

  6. American people has to impeach him at the earliest because he is concentrating only to develop his own business, he never bother about the welfare of any of US people. Really he is misusing his presidency by giving lots of deliberate comments to rattle stock markets and those who know these comments before he says, makes millions from stock markets. that means he is the president of Mafia, not the president of US

  7. how many billions lost in exports to China since Trump negotiations? Only 40 BILLION, so far
    keep the fantastic job, You DUMB MORONS

  8. look at these white males, showing such arrogant , no wonder the downfall of this empire will go down in drain soon

  9. George soros&dems hacked hillarys opponents..not Russia..
    Assange now in jail for exposing Hillary's emails&vault 7 leak about CIA having tech to frame rusisa for hacking of Hillary's opponents DNC &otherwise

  10. The cost will NOT be passed down. It will come out of exorbitant corporate slave labor profits. Demand determines price.

  11. OK, one last time – China does not pay the tariffs. But you do.
    Mexico isn't paying for that wall – But you do..
    Trump doesn't pay taxes – But you do.
    Trump doesn't think – But you can.

  12. Its all about the dominance of power and wealth! Chinese has been doing great in such quick period and this makes agitated and scared of the Western power!!!

  13. China bullied us, '' coming from the worst bully (US) in the world after exploiding the world for decades.
    Now you need war before China takes the lead, that is all.

  14. lets go. u will be the first crying and beggin with hat in hand. when that day comes, the whole world will know what a paper tiger u are. and the sharks will smell the blood in the water.

    u understand nottin. u hold no cards, fools.

  15. Please let me be the lucky one to win this one, I promise to stick around forever. Just wanted to prove everyone here that filmmaking is indeed a profession you can strick with. Love from the forest of India.

  16. I use the acorn app when I first started getting into investing I wish I would have seen this video before I did! But I’m still investing really well in a safe way! Definitely getting on these courses though!

  17. I can’t trust RobinHood. Normally you can see the problems of an app from the lowest reviews because it’s very common for apps to have thousands of fake 5 star reviews.

    RobinHood 1 star reviews all say the same thing: Money disappeared from their account. Money that they did not invest, was stolen by RobinHood. Name makes sense, seeing as how Robin Hood took money from the rich, and if you’re investing you’re considered rich and are now feeding poor Chinese scammers. There’s a reason brokers are valuable: Security. RobinHood is anything but secure.

  18. Hey what’s up lol I didn’t know you had a second channel, I usually watch you camera stuff but this is great too!

  19. Chis you are awesome I have just started photography and a business and I have watched so many of your videos and you are so much help thank you your videos bring me joy. 😄

  20. Wow, Even before I could move to this video you reached 23K already (You said only 15K subs in a video on your other channel.). And hey Chris, I'm planning to start a YouTube channel this year. I'm currently working on a couple of videos to upload. Wish me luck. Hoping to win the giveaway that you're doing on your other channel (Nikon d3500 and Nikon 50mm f/1.4). That will surely help me. Wish you all the best for this channel.

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    You can use my link
    each of us get a stock picked at random. I got a Facebook stock once that was worth $160 and then I sold it right away lol but free money is free money. Click the link if you’re interested it helps both of us out 🙂

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    Not a scam NexusGlobal is legit you can search all over internet. Thanks!

  23. hy.. i love ur videos. and im frm India. Can yu pls create an video abt making money online. becuz its very hard to find one and to trust them. Thanks in advance.

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