Business Latest News: Chinese Company Buys Smithfield Foods With Giant Merger Profits

Business Latest News: Chinese Company Buys Smithfield Foods With Giant Merger Profits

Chinese Company Buys Smithfield Foods with Giant Merger Profits
China’s Shuanghui International recently bought Smithfield foods, the biggest pork producer and processor in the world- and Smithfield’s monetary benefits could skyrocket. The American company could receive about .6 million in merger-related payments. These two food giants are no doubt creating a first, considering this is the largest Chinese takeover of an American company yet.

U.S. court lets Ex-Im Bank loan for Air India stand
A U.S. appeals court let stand a decision by the U.S. Export-Import Bank to finance the sale of 30 Boeing wide-body jets to Air India in a legal challenge brought by Delta Air Lines .

Icahn seeks to allay fears over lack of financing for Dell bid
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn told Dell Inc shareholders that an investment bank would help fund his offer for the PC maker as he sought to assuage concerns over his means to fund the bid.


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Adam Kujawa, director of Malwarebytes Labs, discusses the latest Malwarebytes Labs Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques Report, why the report is unlikely to make organizations very happy and how the findings will affect the cybersecurity industry in the years to come.

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In the podcast, Kujawa and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– How did you get interested in cybersecurity? (1:45)
– Do you sill find yourself having to learn new skills in your position? (2:30)
– What are some of the hard and soft skills that have been most helpful to you in your role at Malwarebytes? (3:05)
– How is the data for Malwarebytes compiled and how long are you crunching the numbers? (3:40)
– What members of your team are responsible for compiling the data and who is responsible for find the meaning in that data? (4:45)
– What was the most troubling finding in the report? (5:30)
– Why is ransomware against individuals down 33 percent? (6:35)
– What’s behind the enormous rise in Trojan malware? (11:20)
– Have the more subtle forms of cyber-attack changed the way you detect threats? (14:25)
– What caused the end of the cryptomining craze? (15:55)
– What preventative steps should businesses take to combat the rise of malware? (18:05)
– What skills should up-and-coming cybersecurity professionals focus on? (22:15)
– What do you recommend organizations do if they get infected with ransomware? (24:20)
– Can the Malwarebytes forums help with malware infections like cryptomining? (25:40)
– What steps should businesses take in response to this report? (26:35)

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About Infosec
At Infosec, we believe knowledge is the most powerful tool in the fight against cybercrime. We help IT and security professionals advance their careers with a full regimen of certifications and skills development training. We also empower all employees with security awareness and training to stay cybersecure at work and home. Founded by smart people wanting to do good, Infosec educates entire organizations on how to defend themselves from cybercrime. That’s what we do every day — equipping everyone with the latest security skills so the good guys win.

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Female-Owned Cigar Company Celebrates Cuban Women

Female-Owned Cigar Company Celebrates Cuban Women

Twin sisters Yvette and Yvonne started their own brand of cigars, called Tres Lindas Cubanas. Since then, they’re often the only Afro-Cuban women in a room full of men. Their three cigar blends pay homage to Cuban women. La Clarita. La Mulata. And La Negrita — all Spanish words used to describe skin tones of women.

They sell their blends on their website, shipping across the country to all 50 states, and in local shops. But it all started with an investment of 0. As first-generation Americans, it’s important for them to stay connected to their roots. They lead trips to Havana and take people through plantations and factories of Cuban cigars.


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Female-Owned Cigar Company Celebrates Cuban Women
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How to take your company public in the stock market –

The 0 million blueprint

• How to find investors for your company and raise millions
• How to build a business and finance it with millions of dollars
• How to turn an idea into a reality
• How to get the money you need to finance your business
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• Ideas and strategies to get investors for your business
• Basics about Private Equity
• How to structure a new company
• Basic explanation of stocks and corporations
• How to finance a new project or idea with private placements
• How to structure a share structure so you don’t lose control
• How to legally raise money for your business
• How to create millions in value in the stock market
• How to structure, build and organize a public company
• How to make money with public companies
• How to create a successful company in the stock market
• Examples of business models for private and public companies
• Learn the public process
• Business development and milestones examples
• Example strategic plan
• Marketing and promotion of publicly listed stocks
• How to create an exit strategy for initial investors
• Basics for a successful promotional stock campaign
• Investor relations and news releases
• Sales techniques to raise capital from investors
• The process of raising capital
• How to create happy long-term investors
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How a Company Benefits from the Stock Market

How a Company Benefits from the Stock Market

Trading 101: How a Company Benefits from the Stock Market

This is a bit of a more advanced topic, so make sure you first know what the stock market is and how it works before proceeding with this video. Assuming you have that foundation, then let’s get a bit more in-depth about the stock market; in particularly, how a company benefits after the initial sale of shares.

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