Economics and Business Economics (Utrecht University School of Economics)

Why are some nations rich and others poor? Why do people decide to start their own business? Do economic crises lead to more or less inequality? What are the economic benefits of the euro as a common currency for Europe? Why do some countries experience sustained levels of high economic growth while others stagnate? Do bonuses (performance-related rewards) necessarily lead to excessive risk-taking?

At Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) the complex economic issues are put into a broader. In Utrecht we analyze these issues by looking at economic and business aspects as well as insights from other disciplines such as geography, law or social sciences. You have the opportunity to combine (business) economics with a second discipline. If you choose to study economics in Utrecht, you choose for a small-scale and multidisciplinary undergraduate degree in an international study environment!
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Harvard Business School Lecture on the Stock Market – Harvard Business School Lectures Harvard Business School lecture on the stock market with guest lecturer Tim Sykes, the multi-millionaire penny stock trader that has been featured on FOX Business Channel, Fox News, CNBC, CNN, NBC and The Steve Harvey Show. Tim explains to a room full of Harvard University students his tried and proven strategies for trading penny stocks. His stock trading strategies enable him to profit in an up or down market.

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