What Happened To Donald Trump’s $365 Million Airline?

For a short time in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Donald Trump owned an airline. In 1989, Trump raised 5 million to purchase the Eastern Shuttle, which provided business travelers with quick flights between New York, Boston, and Washington. Within 18 months, the airline lost over 5 million, and by 1992, Trump decided it was time to walk away. Trump Shuttle created over 1,000 jobs, many of which were filled by Eastern Airlines employees who were out of work due to a labor strike. We talked to three former employees of Trump Shuttle.


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What Happened To Donald Trump’s 5 Million Airline?
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20 thoughts on “What Happened To Donald Trump’s $365 Million Airline?”

  1. For sure Trump did not need Epstein's services. Money , celebrity status and power gets you easily hot women.

  2. If trump was a real businessman which he isn't because he lacks any knowledge of economics, those businesses could of been successful. By being a MORONIC CEO proves why he had six bankruptcies and numerous product failures. In so many words Trump is the worst CEO in America!

  3. Crashed & burned like everything ELSE…but can't help thinking he's somehow pocketed BIG bucks from all those debacles. 🖓😈

  4. The first week of Trump shuttle 1989 creepy donalds bullshit same today as it was back then and the organisation of the airline same back then as it is today Chaotic. When trump says it's important to me means I don't really care. One thing creepy donald is good at, and that is losing money.

  5. Bankrupt pathological liar & cheat. Only in his own mind is he a great businessman. He’s someone very few should ever do business with. Screws investors regularly. As long as he gets paid—no problem.

  6. Outside of Portland, Oregon is deeply conservative state. It's just that for federal elections, Portland and the other cities are large enough to consistently outweigh the rural areas.

  7. He was deceitful then & is deceitful now…buying businesses is my name & screwing people eventually is my game!

  8. When Donald Trump sold the airline in the deal they had to keep his employees and why wouldn’t day he hires a top-notch employees where were they get anyone better so we save their jobs twice

  9. If Democrats have their way socialism will be in full bloom in the one world order for Bloom within one month they will be begging for Donald Trump to come back and bailed him out of the nightmare they have created

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