What’s The Difference Between An Entrepreneur And A Business Owner?

Strategic Coach (https://www.strategiccoach.com/) founder Dan Sullivan reveals the number one difference between being an entrepreneur and a business owner—and why he’ll only work with the former. Watch for more on entrepreneurs, expert advice, and coaching.

An entrepreneur is always a business owner, but a business owner isn’t always an entrepreneur. The reason? An entrepreneur is always looking ahead. Rather than resting on previous successes and focusing solely on income, entrepreneurs constantly want to grow, innovate, and create. In other words, an entrepreneur’s future is always bigger than their past—not the other way around.

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3 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between An Entrepreneur And A Business Owner?”

  1. What if an entrepreneur sells his business over to someone else to be the new CEO? someone as passionate as he is about what he does. Is the new owner an entrepreneur?

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