Why Disney World Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Competition and the current U.S. economic situation are forcing Disney Parks to expand and raise prices. In 2018 Disney World raised its prices twice and switched to a dynamic pricing model. The new model prices out its early adopters in the middle class from peak park months.


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Why Disney World Is So Expensive
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You might not remember it, but at one point Hooters had an airline. Hooters Air launched in 2003, but closed about three years later. The company cited a number of reasons for the airline’s failure, including a million loss. But in the short time that Hooters Air existed, it made a major economic impact on one city in particular — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — that’s where the airline was headquartered, and where it brought thousands of tourists every week.

We talked to people who worked for Hooters Air — flight attendants and one pilot (who asked to remain anonymous). They told us what it was really like to work for the airline (which featured two Hooters Girls on every flight) and dispelled some common misperceptions about what it was like to fly it. Hooters declined to comment for this story.


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40 thoughts on “Why Disney World Is So Expensive | So Expensive”

  1. Disney doesn't realize that most people are Walmart shoppers. They are going to go where they can get the same thrills at a cheaper price. So if Disney wants to cater to the rich that's okay. As an average Joe in America…I dont need to go to Disney. I can pop in a Disney movie at home, play it really loud, eat some bland food, take bad selfies of myself and save thousands.

  2. Disney world is overrated. I did it once with my oldest daughter, but that was the last time. Just not worth it.

  3. Yeah I rather spend those thousands on traveling the world. Disney is getting stupidly high on money. They forgot the real reason Walt began Disney. It was about living an imagination to us all, smiles and not about how much money can we give to them. Smh

  4. You know how expensive it must be to operate the park? Yes- businesses need to make money what’s so confusing??…. can’t afford. Don’t go.

  5. Sorry guys, but this is ridiculous and quite insane !
    It's not like one actually has to go to Disney land ^^
    Disney is a ruthless company which tries to maximize its profit by every mean.
    I can think of a million better ways to spend my money

  6. A bunch of nonsense there simply greedy that's all! people are dumb enough to pay their ridiculous prices..

  7. say whatever you want, hooters air fa uniform is the coolest and cutest at the same time. i never thought orange and navy blue would compliment each other! and add the little owl goshhh!!

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